Why Apprenticeship?


   Meet our Employer Champions!

BENEFITS: Employers

Employers say that apprentices make a positive contribution to their business and gain useful workplace skills and knowledge through their apprenticeship program.

 Put your business ahead

With Apprenticeship you can bring new talent to your workplace, meet your labour force needs and ensure succession management of your business.

 Make a great investment

Apprenticeship can provide you with an opportunity to increase productivity: For every $1 invested in an apprentice, an employer receives, on average, $1.47. Employers can expect an increase in productivity of 29% from an apprentice they trained to become a journeyperson. SOURCE: Canadian Apprenticeship Forum, It Pays to Hire an Apprentice

 Build your community and give youth a chance

There's room in Apprenticeship for everyone. Consider hiring from youth, women and diverse groups: Apprenticeship is a great way to ensure that youth have access to viable well-paying careers right here in Nova Scotia.