Why Apprenticeship?


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BENEFITS: Employers

If you’re an employer that relies on skilled workers, apprenticeship is one of the best investments you can make. Not only is it a proven way to develop the right talent for your workplace, it also contributes to the success of your business. Take a look at the benefits that come with hiring an apprentice.

 Meet your unique skills needs

As apprentices work and learn on the job, they not only develop their skill, they get to know your business. They become highly specialized in your processes, equipment and customers. Many employers find that those who started as apprentices end up being their future leaders.

 Improve productivity and performance

For every $1 invested in training an apprentice, employers across the country report an average return of $1.47. As apprentices develop and become journeypersons in the companies they train with, they are almost 30% more productive and have better health and safety records. SOURCE: Canadian Apprenticeship Forum, It Pays to Hire an Apprentice

 Develop a more tech-savvy workforce

Through technical and classroom instruction, apprentices learn the latest innovations. They are comfortable with technology and bring added expertise to your team. Your training, combined with new skills apprentices bring to the table, can move your business forward.

 Bring new energy and diversity to your workplace

Today’s apprentices come from all walks of life - from young people who are choosing apprenticeship as their post-secondary path to experienced workers making a career change. There are more women entering the skilled trades, as well as people from many cultures. They’re smart, motivated and bring fresh energy to your workplace.

 Take advantage of programs and incentives

The benefits that come with apprenticeship make it a smart investment for any business – small, medium or large. It makes even more sense when you consider the supports available to employers.