Apprenticeship START Program

The objective of the Apprenticeship START program is to encourage employers to register, retain and support their apprentices to completion during their apprenticeship journey. The START program has a focus of small to medium-sized businesses/organizations including not-for-profits, social enterprises and JRA holders (JRA employers only - an employer is someone who hires an apprentice permanently) that have business locations and jobs in Nova Scotia. Companies with headquarters outside of Nova Scotia are eligible to apply only if they also have a physical location in Nova Scotia.

Eligibility for START Funding

The new apprentice whom an employer registers must:

  •  Be from a recognized under-represented group, including women (in non-traditional trades), African Nova Scotians, Aboriginal Nova Scotians, immigrants or persons with physical disabilities; OR
  •  Be working for an employer located in a rural area. Note: “Rural” is defined by Statistics Canada as having a population of 10,000 or less. Therefore, rural areas in Nova Scotia are all areas outside of Halifax, Truro or Sydney. As of 2016, Halifax (which is all of HRM) has a population of 403,131; Truro, 12,261; and Sydney, 29,904.

How to Apply for START Funding