What is Youth Apprenticeship?

Youth Apprenticeship

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What is Youth Apprenticeship?

In Nova Scotia, you may register as a youth apprentice if you're 16 to 19 years of age and work part or full-time in one of Nova Scotia's designated trades. There is no fee to register. As a youth apprentice, you can earn while you learn, get a head start in a career in the trades and complete high school, all at the same time. And, you get exposure to the trades through the direct supervision and mentoring of a certified journeyperson.

Youth apprenticeship is promoted through an initiative called Workit. Workit Youth Apprenticeship can provide you with the opportunity to explore a designated trade, and actively encourages you to experience the trades through community-based learning options in the public schools system, such as co-operative education placements and Options and Opportunities (O2). If you participate in these activities, you are eligible to receive apprenticeship credit leading to future apprenticeship certification.

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To learn more about a career in the trades as a youth apprentice, contact the Youth Apprenticeship Coordinator at the Halifax apprenticeship office.

 Take a Test Drive, Explore the Skilled Trades  Take a Test Drive, Explore the Skilled Trades

Skilled tradespeople are in demand in the Nova Scotia labour force. And it is projected that over the next ten years there will be a shortage of tradespeople in Canada. So, now is the time to explore a career in one of Nova Scotia’s designated trades. For more information, check out the following programs and services:

Skills Canada - Nova Scotia
Skills Canada - Nova Scotia (SCNS) is a not-for-profit organization that provides opportunities for Nova Scotian youth to explore skilled trades and technologies through a range of programs made possible by partnerships with industry, government and education.

 Showcase your talent at the Nova Scotia Skills Competition!

Every spring, SCNS presents its Olympic-style Nova Scotia Skills Competition, which sees more than 300 youth compete in 45 skilled trades and technologies throughout the province.

  •  Are you an apprentice with an appetite for competition in your trade?
  •  Are you an employer with an apprentice who would excel in showing his/her skills in a trades competition?

.....The Nova Scotia Skills Competition provides an opportunity for apprentices to display their talents, compete against their peers and potentially represent Nova Scotia at the national skills competition.

Check out this video created by the TV/Video team who won the gold medal at the 2015 Skills Competition:

Building Futures for Youth
A unique program that provides Nova Scotian Grade 10 and 11 students with valuable hands on training and work experience in the construction industry and an opportunity to become youth apprentices.

Nova Scotia Construction Sector Council's Trades Exhibition Hall
The Trades Exhibition Hall is a skilled-trades career exploration facility. It is a fun, interactive environment for youth and career-seekers who wish to learn about the trades, and a place where visitors can talk to construction professionals and get a chance to try things out first-hand.

Test Drive: Career Exploration in the Automotive Trades
A pilot program that provides Nova Scotian Grade 10 and 11 students with valuable hands on training and work experience in the Automotive Trades, which could be a pathway to become youth apprentices.

Nova Scotia Works
Provides education and training routes, job availability and growth sectors in Nova Scotia.

Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC)
Offers entry level, pre-apprenticeship programs in the skilled trades in multiple locations across the province.

Options and Opportunities (O2)
A three year program offered to a select number of Nova Scotia high school students that combines high school credits, career exploration and hands-on learning.