What is Apprenticeship?


On-the-Job Training

Apprenticeship is a form of post-secondary education for both young and mature individuals who want to be certified to work in a skilled trade. It is mixture of on‑the‑job and technical training where skilled trades professionals (certified journeypersons) pass on knowledge and skills to learners (apprentices).

Apprenticeship begins with an agreement between an apprentice and an employer. The apprentice agrees to work for the employer in exchange for supervised, on-the-job training and experience, and the opportunity to participate in the necessary technical training. In the workplace, apprentices are supervised by a certified journeyperson who tracks both their hours and competence in the practical skills of the trade.  Take a test drive.

Technical Training

Technical training is offered in class and/or online and is administered and arranged by the agency. Upon completion of the apprenticeship program (including technical training, on-the-job hours and competency in workplace practical skills), apprentices are eligible to write the certification exam.

If the apprentice receives a mark of 70% or greater on the certification/Red Seal exam, they receive both a Certificate of Qualification and a Certificate of Apprenticeship and become a certified journeyperson.

Certification, Red Seal

If the trade is Red Seal, the certification exam is the Red Seal exam. If an apprentice receives a passing mark, they will receive the Red Seal on their Certificate of Qualification and ID Card. This endorsement is a recognised standard across Canada, one that employers look for as an indication of skills and competency.

Check out the financial supports that can assist on the journey to trade certification.

Red Seal

Financial Supports

There is a wide range of financial supports available to assist individuals on their journey from apprentice to certified journeyperson. There are also supports for employers.

Employment Insurance benefits, awards, grants and loans are available for apprentices. As well, the Job Creation Tax Credit and START program are available to assist employers who hire apprentices. Check out the financial supports.

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