Apprenticeship Management System

Apprenticeship Management System

  • Are you an apprentice who would like to update your hours online? Or print your own record of progress?
  • Are you an employer who would like to know when your apprentice has registered for training?
  • It's coming!


The Apprenticeship Management System (AMS) is a new online apprenticeship management system being implemented in Nova Scotia, along with Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Manitoba. Currently, AMS is targeted to be launched in Nova Scotia in 2021.

This project will provide many benefits and is a priority for the Nova Scotia Apprenticeship Agency. A dedicated project team is assigned to ensure we address the system, training and communication needs of our clients, internal staff and external partners.

  What is AMS?
  Benefits of AMS

Contact the AMS Team

  The Apprenticeship Management System team in Nova Scotia can be reached directly by email at Please forward any questions, concerns or feedback to this email address.