Aboriginal Apprenticeship Resources

The Aboriginal Career Trail

The Aboriginal Futures Career & Training Centre is a library of employment opportunities, cultural event listings and other information tailored to Mi’kmaq communities in Nova Scotia. The idea for the Centre was developed by the Confederacy of Mainland Mi’kmaq to be a portal where members of Mi’kmaq communities can easily connect with, and be matched to, job openings around the province.

Aboriginal Apprenticeship Advisory Committee

The Aboriginal Apprenticeship Advisory Committee has been established to provide a forum for networking and discussion to identify and address barriers and gaps in trades training and employment opportunities for Aboriginal people. The work of the committee will support the successful participation of Aboriginal people, both on and off reserve, in apprenticeship training and certification in the trades. For more information about the committee, please click on the bar below.

 Check out some Aboriginal apprenticeship success stories about the journey from apprentice-to-journeyperson:

  Aboriginal Apprenticeship Advisory Committee (AAAC)   Aboriginal Apprenticeship Advisory Committee (AAAC)

  AAAC Terms of Reference

Dawn MacDonald, Chair Confederacy of Mainland Miꞌꞌkmaw
Louis Joe Bernard Union of Nova Scotia Indians
Dale Crawford Nova Scotia Apprenticeship Agency
Marjorie Davison Nova Scotia Apprenticeship Agency
Patricia (Trish) Glode-Chisholm Miꞌꞌkmaw Native Friendship Centre
Tracey Johnson Native Council of NS Opportunities Fund
Valerie Marshall Bowers Miꞌꞌkmaw Employment Training Secretariat
Alex Paul Unamaki Benefits Office
Eileen Paul Membertou Entrepreneur Centre
John Jerome Paul Miꞌkmaw Kinaꞌmatnewey (MK)
Lee Paul Aboriginal Peoples Training & Employment Commission (APTEC)
Karen Pictou Miꞌꞌkmaw Employment Training Secretariat
Melanie Sack (Raymond) Miꞌꞌkmaw Native Friendship Centre
Karen Strang Citizen Service & Program Delivery Branch, SC
Ann Sylliboy Mi’kmaw Kinaꞌmatnewey (MK)